Joshua Adere declares political allegiance to an aspirant for SUG 005 UNIJOS – See Details 👇


Joshua Turna Lumi For SUG 005

Several popular musicians and entertainers in Nigeria have shared their views about elections, including endorsing their prefered candidates and urging their fans to honor their votes.

Politicians employ several strategies during election cycles as they seek to sell their manifestos and garner the most votes.

Some of these strategies include securing endorsements from popular entertainers who usually wield considerable influence among their fan base.

Musicians on the other hand also approach political campaigns with different perspectives. While some may offer their skills, talent and influence at a price, others take the moral high ground and endorse candidates who they personally believe to be capable of delivering the people’s aspirations.

Joshua Adere

But here Joshua Adere a young talented artiste who hails from south south Nigeria a brother to Nigeria’s fast rising star Victor Adere (Victor AD) had a video of him self endorsing and seeking for his fan’s support and vote for a Jtown’s fast rising Blogger & Film Maker Joshua Turna Lumi (popularly known as Lumidy) to go for the position of  SUG 005 – ‘FINANCIAL Trust’ in the student Union Government, UNIJOS Chapter.

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Watch Video below:


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