Canadian tourist marries villager who was dumped by his ex-wife for being poor


A Canadian tourist has reportedly tied the knot with a villager after he was dumped by his ex-wife because of his poor living condition.

Indeed, in a moment everything can change for the better. A couple of months prior to the arrival of the caucasian Canadian lady in the yet-to-be-identified village, this particular man was neglected by his wife. She left him because he lived in abject poverty.

His livid ex-wife left him with seven children. They built a family but were unable to garner enough cash to cater for the wellbeing of their family.

The former wife of the villager walked away from the marriage and her nuclear family to tie the knot with another partner. Apparently, things would change in the life of the man and that of his children.

He met the love of his life afterwards and to make the narrative more fascinating, she is a foreigner.

The Caucasian woman in this heartwarming love story came into the picture when the man was heartbroken.

The couple fell in love instantaneously and decided to take their relationship to another level. This time they decided to build a union outside the rural vicinity. Without considering the impecunious state of the man, the Canadian tourist found love and warmth in his arms.

They then got married to the lady adopting all the kids like hers. The story claimed that they have all moved to Canada with the lady.

Interestingly, the couple is currently trending on social media due to the fairy tale theme involved in the narrative. See more photos from their marriage ceremony below.


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