D I C E to release new exclusive EP “48 Hours In The Motherland”


Dice is an Urhobo man born in the US. He has lived most of his life in the UK surrounded by what some would say is a multi-cultural background. His passion for music was first nurtured when he was 5 years old, taught to play the violin as one of the first of four instruments he learned growing up.

In his later years, Dice had begun recording music with his voice first in 2017 but didn’t release his debut single ‘Clinical’ till 2020. He went on to develop his trap/wave sound with a few more singles. Until, releasing his latest single “Kilode” cultivating the afrobeat sounds and genre. He plans on releasing his first Ep mixed with a few sub genres like Amapiano this year to try and broaden his range as an artist.

Cover Art & Track List Cover

48 Hours In The Motherland brief

The core influence behind this Ep was Dice’s last visit to Nigeria. Here he learned so many things about his culture, his people and the music industry. Alongside the trip, Dice’s love life is another key inspo behind this body of work as he tries express how he feels about previous lovers and ones he was dealing with at the time. All in all, this masterpiece has an array of sounds ranging from amapiano, alte and trap.

Dice said he wanted to make sure there was at least one song everyone could relate to and is very excited to unleash it on to the world. The Ep release date is 21/01/22 right at the beginning of the year so let’s see what hes got in store for us and the rest of 2022.

Connect with Dice:

Instagram: @dice247_ Twitter: @diceyalways Snapchat: @jed_3honna TikTok: @diceydiceee


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