Dolla Prinzz – Exclusive Interview With IMB Kallamu


An Exclusive Interview: Dolla Prinzz – IMB Kallamu

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Good evening Mr Dalla prinz

Dollaprinz: Evening Bro….

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Can we meet you Mr Dolla Prinz?

Dollaprinz: Yea Sure…why not

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Kindly introduce yourself

Dolla Prinz: Well, I go by the name “Ezekiel Kambri” Stage name: Dolla prinzz, Am a final year student @ Nasarawa state University KEFFI (Nsuk) Dept. of Public administration.

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Wow nice, so tell us, how have you been coping, combining music with Education?

Dollaprinz: Is not really So easy combining the two at spot, but I bless God for his grace, mercy & Blessings which kept me pushing real hard, i smell greatness, by his grace Steady grinding

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: That’s good to know, the lord is your strength

Dollaprinz: Amen, Bless you bro

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: What actually motivate you to go into music?

Dollaprinz: The passion, the love for music and the music itself

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: That’s Lovely, what Genre of Music do you do?

Dollaprinz: Afro pop and Dancehall

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: When did you start your music career and how many songs have you drop so far?

Dollaprinz: Well about 5years back, am having 22 tracks

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Wow wow! That’s a whole lot more up to an album, so all the songs can be find online?

Dollaprinz: Yea most of them, really on a project, some songs are still yet to release for now

 IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Ok i get, so what’s your 3 best songs online and how can we download them?

Dollaprinz: My favorite songs are:

1.Sun gane


3.Gimme more.

4.Valentine lover

 All songs can be download at,, and

 IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: What are some of the challenges you are facing in the music industry

Dollaprinz: Finances, the financial fund i need to push up real hard, No capital and I have not discover anyone who is ready to help yet

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: That’s quiet unfortunate and challenging. So what next should we be expecting from you Mr Dolla Prinz?

Dollaprinz: Expect the bomb, coming through with mad collaborations this year

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Sure we will be anticipating

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: How did you come about the name Dolla Prinzz?

Dolla prinz: the name “Dolla Prinzz” Was generated by my class mates back then in secondary level, then the name actually was X-Dollar, Dolla Prinzz was added by ma mates, on an Introductory class if a new staff, we were introducing ourselves the whole students when it as my turn i said my name out, i said I want to be a star in the future, I want to make money so i could buy Mama a house, before i know a lady shouted Dolla Prinzz and said prince of dollars that’s how the name came about.

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: That’s amazing

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: What message do you have for young folks who are willing to join the music industry?

Dolla Prinz: My advice, my word to you out Is: don’t let your present Situations, surroundings bring you down, For the love of ur craft, Build up yourself, be ur motivation, encourage yourself, Love your craft with passion, Seek for God’s blessings and interception. Prayer is the key, strive hard u will surely see the lights

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Thanks for your time Mr Dolla Prinzz

Dollaprinz: you are welcome Mr Imb Kallamu

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: How can your fans connect to you?

Dollaprinz: Follow Dolla Prinzz

Instagram: @Dollaprinzzofficial

Facebook: Dolla prinzz kambri

Twitter: @Iamdollaprinzz

IMB kallamu | 4WARDWEGO: Nice meeting you, it’s a great pleasure interviewing you

Remain bless

Dollaprinz: My Pleasure. One Love….i still remain your boi #Dolla prinzz

Download his Latest single Here:

DOWNLOAD MP3: Dolla Prinzz – Bamishey


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