GIRLS OUT: Know More About Girls Out!


Girls Out is an event organized and managed by Rejoice Shammah Concepts to launch the start of the event planning and management brand.
Girls out is a platform where we talk about everything that affects us: Work, Family, Relationships, Health, Marriage and Career.
The First Edition is for ladies between 20-30 to hangout, have fun, learn, network and also share and find answers to issues as it affects us in relationships.
The Aim of this event to help us with understanding what it means to choose a life partner and also to understand the mindset of men in relationships. This is because Most of Us girls have painted a mental picture of our ideal man, and many of us have missed out on a caring and responsible man because he doesn’t fit into our well drawn image {maybe not as tall as wedreamt, not wealthy, doesn’t do the kind of Job we want and the list is endless}
Many of us want a man to act in a certain way and when he doesn’t, we feel he is not the right one for us. Having standards is not in itself bad, having unrealistic standards is our major concern on Girls out.
We intend to enlighten us on how a man thinks and professes love to give us a better understanding of what to expect when he is really into us.
On this edition of Girls out, we will be finding out some truths about how men love and also how to build and sustain a relationship as well as when to walk away ( all this and more will be discussed)

We will be having Powerful couples who will share from their experiences from the early stage of the relationship to the present.

We are also introducing an entrepreneurship segment where we will teach the ladies how to start and sustain a business and the importance of a business/skill to womanhood.

And for ladies who are into business already we are providing 10 slots for a thousand naira for them to come market and advertise their products and services.

Limited seats are available {50} interested participants will be reuired to send in their names and phone numbers to 08020870676 or visit finix

Music (DJ)
Performance – Kenny
Panel Discussion with Couples
Product marketing (3 in two minutes each)
Question and Answer session with the couples
Product marketing (2)
Performance – Julius
Product marketing (3)
Entrepreneurship Segment
Product marketing (2)
Lizzy ( Pressures of not getting married by 25)
Closing remarks

Venue – 15000
Dj – 5000
Banner – 2000
Drinks (swan water 12) – 1000
Total – 25000

Social media
Promotional video
Ice fm
Rhythm 937 Jos
Twitch blog
4wardwego blog


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