There are lots of great amazing undiscovered talented artist in the industry today. Here are some few steps to grow from upcoming to a star

1.Do good music
As an upcoming artist, what you need right now is experience and more experience
Do a lot of good music, get people to listen and give you feed back, that way you will improve more and more
Don’t rush into promoting you music, when dropping a song make sure it’s a song that people most talk about, a song that will trend for so long.
Remember, first impression matters a lot and you will have to keep up to that standard

2.Get a good team and Manager
As an upcoming artist you need a team, team will always encourage you to do more, you will be challenge to do more good music when you see your team mates doing good music.
A manager will always stand on your behalf mostly when it comes to Shows and events.

3.Get a mentor
A mentor is someone in your field that mentor you on how be outstanding among your contemporaries
A mentor will groom you to be great in your music career
If you want to succeed in life you have to take a look at the life of those that have succeed in the music history
Mentorship is very very relevant

4.Concentrate on being unique and outstanding.
Let your music be unique and outstanding in such a way that anybody listening to your tune can attest to how different your sound is
Someone can easily identify your music from the sound anywhere anytime
Let it be like a signature in all your sounds

5.Be humble
A humble person can eat with elders, gain favours and will be considered first before any other person
Be humble, respect those that are there before you
Never disrespect your fellow artist

Don’t be a shy person, always socialize,
learn how to interact with your contemporaries, whenever you go out for shows or events, even on social media learn how to meet new people and make a lot of friends, convert those friends to fans, that way your fan base will grow bigger and better

7.Empower yourself
As you grind to be a star artist
You need to get something doing, something to fetch you some cash to pay your bills
Bills such as studio session, bloggers, for packaging, transportation e.t.c
That way you will be respected and of more value to your immediate environment.
So hustle hard…

What comes to your mind when you here the word packaging
To cut the matter short
Make sure you look good
Put on good clothes to events and shows, dress to kill.
Coordinate yourself and be focus
Don’t be a confuse artist

9.Be Educated
Education is key to success as knowledge is power
Lack of Education have make so many artist venture into signing contracts that end their music career in chaos.
Education is paramount as it make you outspoken as an artist during interviews, song writing, communication skills and so many others
Education is also a security as you retire from from your music career you can as well venture into office work or manage your own business as an entrepreneur
It most not be a Degree or Diploma as there are lots of other ways to be educated.

That’s how you pay your dues
And record labels will come banging on your door✌

Good Luck as you strive hard to attain your dreams, never give up, when ever you fall down don’t remain there, get up and keep moving success awaits you…

IMB Kallamu


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