Jos Fiesta: About To Hit The City Of Jos With Magical Event


Jos Fiesta is about to hit the city of Jos with their Mega Hike and some momental event coming your way

Date: 16th November
Meeting point: Gidann Mai Jagab opp Naraguta Hostel
Pick up time: 7:30
Tickets: #200

Hiking Activities include: Treasure hunt | Sack race | Egg race | live performance | Face painting | Refreshment | Hashtag challenge | aerobatic | and manyΒ  more

Host: Modibbo Sahal

Stay Healthy and put yourself in good shape.
Security are guaranteed

Stay connected with JosFiasta on all social media handles

IG: Jos_Fiesta
Twitter: Jos_Fiesta
Facebook: Jos Fiesta

Some Magical Event By Jos Fiesta πŸ‘‡


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