See How Chidozie Edward Was Maltreated By The Force Men


Victim: Chidozie Edward
Location-Polo R/About

The said victim was about to board a keke to his workplace when a motorcycle riding against the traffic(one way) hit the victim.

The victim who saw this as an improper act reacted and got to know the rider is an army personnel on mufti. The army personnel is attached to the sector at Tina junction (Angwa Rukuba). A Hilux attached to Sector 1 came and started beating the victim,smashed his phone and took him in their Hilux to sector 1 at the new stadium, on getting there,the victim was asked to pack concrete inside bucket to fill pot holes as punishment. After when, they still beat him with machete before the commandant saw him and asked what the problem was. He was later released with the pains and bruises.

See pictures below:


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