Walk – by Lah Mi



You don’t need legs if you know how to walk.
You don’t need legs if you know where you are going.

They beat my integrity to coma.
They try to kill my gifts and bury my talent because i am not like them.

They cripple me over and over again.

I see them walk, walk their way to nowhere.
They dress up fly every morning. They tie a rope to their necks after every bath. Then wear weight of backwardness on their legs. They call it shoe.

You don’t need legs if you know your way through the earth.

I see them all the time.
I walk round their minds one after the other. They don’t interest me, they are all the same. Crowd of crippled people with legs.

They won’t let me walk them to sanity. They won’t let me work neither. They pity me when they deserve all the pity.

They make commercials and movies they mock my kind.
They use our condition to confirm true love, like we are rejected fabrics of nature.

I am not cripple. I am not physically challenged. I was created to walk differently.

You don’t need legs if you know how to walk your way through life.

They have legs but walks with their greed.
They have shoes but chooses to wear selfishness. They sit on pride and hatred leads them.

They walk up high to emptiness leaving their loaf of bread and two fishes, which could feed them and twelve baskets still remaining.

What do you need legs for when all you need is within you?
I am not disabled. I just don’t have your type of legs.

Wheelchair is not disability. Legs are not ability.

You do not need legs if you know how to walk.

Source: Lah mi


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