Foot a child is an outreach program aimed at reaching out to kids in a community
who do not have shoes and foot them. It is a project lead by JOFIN (Jesus Only
Friend International) to reach out to this kids and also it’s an empowerment
program also for some of the kids in the orphanage home.
Jesus Only friend international (JOFIN) is a non-governmental organization which
have JOFIN as it cooperative social responsibility (CSR). The organization is one
which looks into the interest of Orphans, less privileged and disabled children.
They care for them, help them through trauma and train them to be better and
responsible members of the society.
The goals for this project are:

  1. To reach out to kids who are bare footed and foot them.
  2. To put smiles on faces.
  1. To instill into their mindset that no one is small to impact their society
  2. To use our skills to reach out to the world.
  3. To teach the kids in the orphanage that they can also give, reach out to
    others rather than always collecting and expecting things.
  4. To build a platform that allows orphans engage in developing and
    maximizing skills to make and be a positive influence in their generation and
    The foot wears are made by the kids in the orphanage, they are learning as a skill
    and Work is already in progress, and we need your support either in cash or kind,
    you can donate one scandal. Below are some picture of the kids engaged in some



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