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Selina Tested: Slangs and their Meaning

Selina Tested is a movie from lightweight Entertainment. this movie is one that has capture the hearts of Many across Nigeria.

A lot of people always wish to know more about those movies. they want to watch and learn their language Slangs so that they can be use by them, and to download the latest available movies.

This movie is one that has a very interested story, A lot of Nigeria’s are engaging in the watching of this movie as it is a very interesting one.

Here are top Slangs that are use in the movies and their Meaning In English.

1) Disembark

It means to go back

.2) Manchi

To describe a close man to a cultist or someone from your cartel

3) Kpha

It means to use your intelligence

4) 411

It means the pain. Eg, what is the 411

5) Chaw

It means food or to eat

6) Passport

It means to pass. Eg, I go passport your unit7) Wida

It means what’s up

8) Who goes you

It means who are you

9) Who goes

It means who is that

10) Die it

It means to forget the matter or allow the issues to rest

11) Cut out for my body

It means to give one part of something like Money

12) Shenkes/Bank/Kpalas

They’re used to refer to a girl

13) Bobo Juice

Statement that is a lie or can’t happen

14) UnitIt means your house address or location of something

15) Lap

To meat someone or go somewhere

16) Jollof

means to enjoy

17) Caprison

It means what are you saying or talking

18) Cap

It means to talk. Eg, make we cap

19) Capping Careless

It means you’re talking out of point

20) Jenz

It means you’re being stupid or you they play with something

21) Abobi

Use to describe a young male

22) Hear the odour

It means to observe an area or know what’s going on

23) Jazz Out

It means to leave this place

24) Chillax

It means to cool down or calm down

25) I they Hit means I am hungry

26) You too dey cap cap

It means you’re talking too much

27) Deck down

It means to site down

28) Sea roughIt means things are hard

29) Selina

It means Jazz or juju

30) CompassIt means location

31) Wipe

It means fuck. Eg I done wipe that guy. he no too sabi

32) CutoutIt means run

33) Kpor wall

Basically go and site down

34) Root Out

To bring out something especially weapons

35) Robbers/KabulasIt means money

36) Comot your body

It means make way

37) Cappa

It means phone

38) Salama

means to salute

39) Labata

It means to kill

40) Intel

It means information

41) Legit

It means real

42) Cala

It means gun

43) Ododo

It means someone getting mind

44) Tanana

It means someone to call you

45) Akade

It means school/Academic

46) Freestyle

It means someone to free you

47) Malle

It means mother

48) Palle

It means father

49) Tuama

It means to Run

50) Throne over board

It means to kill

Please note those Slangs/Worlds are only use in Port Harcourt. So please don’t use them in Port Harcourt it might get you in trouble especially when you say it around people who belong to a particular Cult group.Please try and learn to know the meaning so that you won’t be confused when someone used it around you.source: Nupeflaver

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