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Which Rappers Are Dropping A New Album This Year

This has been an insane year in a lot of ways, but thankfully, it hasn’t stopped some great albums from coming out. Here are the best rappers dropping the most noteworthy albums this year. 

J. Cole

J. Cole has had a good year, especially when it comes to collaborations with other artists. He made over a hundred songs last year, but under twenty made it onto his album, indicating his high level of specificity in what he chooses to release. He worked with DaBaby and Ty Dolla Sign to create an incredible album in Revenge of the Dreamer III. 

If you’re looking for an album to make you feel more connected in a disconnected time, this might be the choice for you. The collaboration with other artists isn’t just for the sake of creating superb music; it’s also to help us all feel connected in the pursuit of something bigger. 

Mac Miller

You may be pretty surprised to hear that Mac Miller is one of the most noteworthy artists releasing an album this year, considering that he is no longer with us after his sudden passing in 2018. However, he was working on a bunch of amazing music before he passed. 

This album was finished and released posthumously. It has a soft hip hop sound which seems appropriate. While its not the hard-hitting rap that you’re used to, it is the right tribute for an incredible artist taken from us too soon. This album is called Swimming, which speaks to the gentle nature of this album, especially in comparison to previous albums


This powerful album from Mega Three Stallion has been all over TikTok with a choreographed dance to the song ‘Savage’ by fans. A remix with Beyonce has added more hype to this album. 

Perhaps because of all this media attention, or perhaps just because of its merits, this album has propelled upwards into a strong choice for albums this year. If you need help coming to

grips with the strange new world that we’re all living in, this may be just the album that you need. 


Eminem has been releasing stellar rap albums for a long time, and they’ve been knocking out fans and stirring up the music industry the whole time. This year is no different with his new album, Music to be Murdered By. 

This rough and eloquent album is a strong statement on all kinds of social issues, from sexual harassment to gun control. It is packed with Eminem’s signature passion and rockstar presence. This album also has a song with Juice WRLD, which is a beautiful tribute to the late rapper. Fans have been waiting for this album for some time, and it absolutely does not disappoint. 

Westside Gunn

This rapper is on a steady climb up, with the bravery to experiment and the talent to pull it off. This album plays with a 90s flair, which is charmingly nostalgic during these strange times. Listening to this album is so much fun, it makes it hard to stay in a bad mood. This wild character loves to endow his lyrics and musical style with a jaunty and unexpected attitude that you’ll love. Pray for Paris is truly one of the most fun albums this year. 

Jay Electronica

Jay doesn’t publish when his fans want him to, but when he feels that he has something great to offer. Therefore, this most recent album, A Written Testimony, has kept fans waiting for some time. 

However, it doesn’t leave them disappointed. It has some powerful music to offer, with even more substance offered by Travis Scott and Jay-Z. Gorgeous lo-fi tones pair with a substantial chorus to offer a robust sound. 

This album brings in a spiritual element with influences from the nation of Islam which makes this album larger than music. If you haven’t checked out Jay Electronica, he has a lot to offer and is well worth getting to know. 

Boldy James & Alchemist

The Price of Tea in China has a wide range of styles, providing a window into the extensive talent offered by this group. The beautiful storytelling will leave you rewinding and listening over and over again. 

Minimal beats make this a great choice for when you want more relaxing options in rap music. This tasteful album puts the emphasis on the lyrics, but doesn’t leave the beat behind, offering an overall tasteful and well-balanced album. 

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